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Founded in 2015, IndexTradesis a global community of more than 1 million registered users who share their investments publicly, make millions of trades, and get copy-traded by other investors. IndexTradesis also publicly listed on the German stock exchange and regulated in various jurisdictions with offices around the globe.
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We care of our clients and their comfort. On IndexTrades, a professional account manager will help you get started and you will always be able to contact our multilingual support team for further assistance. They are available via phone, chat, or email - whichever you prefer.
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Aiming to elevate your trading experience? Look no further. The IndexTradesAndroid and iOS apps are your gateway to all-inclusive, user-friendly, and overall beneficial trading on-the-go. Download the IndexTradesApp today and start your investment journey!
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All Reviews 4.1
Apple App Store 4.4
Google Play Store 3.8
Overall Rating
6 720 reviews
ronny Enders
Sehr übersichtlich schnell klasse gemacht
Posted on
Google Play Store
Rüdiger Horn
Tolle App kopietrading funktioniert einwandfrei ich bin sehr zufrieden, trotz Kopie kann man die kopierten trades jederzeit schließen wenn man möchte! 👍
Posted on
Google Play Store
Super Support
Naga ist eine sehr gute Trading-App und sehr leicht zum traden! Es gibt zwar kleiner BUGs die aber sehr schnell behoben wurden. Der persönliche Support von Herr Wankowski ist einfach 10 von 10 Punkte!...
Posted on
App Store
Kobby em
Best Trading App
I’m not gonna, had my doubts but you guys proved me wrong. Great service with amazing personal account managers. There’s nothing like it on the market.
Posted on
App Store
Black Bass
Complimenti ottima app fino adesso vediamo nel futuro che cosa ci capiterà Assistenza Top
Posted on
Google Play Store
Paul Jeffrey Geolagon
Esay to use and understand
Posted on
Google Play Store
Antonio Petruccelli
Ottima app vieni seguito dagli specialisti del settore in più c'è la funzione copytrade stupefacente
Posted on
Google Play Store
Elizabeth Nambongo
Everything is unique
I love the idea of IndexTradeswell put together and amazing staff always ready and fast to assist. Smooth operation 🌶
Posted on
App Store
The best.
I mean what could you ask more. Its the best platform out there. Give it a try.
Posted on
App Store
Tolle App einfach zu bedienen und für Anfänger super!
Posted on
App Store
Great Investment
Love trading on this app, easy to deposit and trade... Able to withdrawal straight to my IndexTradescard through the app instantly and use the money
Posted on
App Store
Muy buena app de trading
Fácil de usar y la posibilidad de auto copiar las operaciones de los mejores traders es muy interesante
Posted on
App Store
Great app!
This app works so great! I love it and using it everyday ❤
Posted on
App Store
Pretty life changing
I discovered the app looking for some info about other platforms. It was the Auto Copy that attracted my attention to the app, so I downloaded and created an account and played the demo for almost a week...
Posted on
App Store
Gordon Hobson
Fantastic app and really good trading info
Posted on
App Store

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