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IndexTradesGroup AG is listed in Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Best Financial Broker Forex EXPO Dubai 2021
Best Forex Trading Platform — Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2022

IndexTradesis one of the strongest FinTech platform you will ever partner with

Unique Social Trading
4x more trades per user
Highly engaging
Worldwide community
CFD’s on FX, Indices, Metals. Commodities
Short & Long Trading
Low and transparent fees
Investing in real stocks for 0.99
600 real assets
€0.99 per trade
No limits on trading volumes
Over 1000 tradable assets
Real-time trade opening
All major financial markets
Professional tools for trading
Copy Trading
Copy the trades of Lead Traders
Save time with copy trading
Leaderboard with statistic
Trade on IndexTradesWeb App
Use IndexTradesiOS and Android on the go
Real-time notifications
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Over 1,500 tradable assets incl. Real-Stocks for €0.99 per trade provide a strong offering for your audience


Thousands of partners enjoy their collaboration with IndexTrades

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    Introducing Broker
    Up to 60% Spread Revenue Share
    IndexTradesIntroducing Broker is dedicated to the partners and institutions with personal client’s network.
    Start promoting IndexTradesSuper App to your client’s network and let them benefit from a trusted and innovative neo-broker with a complete ecosystem which offers all what your clients need with the most competitive plans on the markets up to 60% revenue share. IndexTradesIntroducing broker program offers you expertise and guidelines from specialized Partners Account Managers.
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    Up to 1250 USD CPA Payouts
    IndexTradesAffiliate program is dedicated to partners with online presence, who can attract clients via a website, online marketing, social media or digital media.
    Start promoting IndexTradesSuper App now, get professional marketing materials, banners, videos, landing pages, widgets and start earning industry leading commissions up to 1250 CPA.
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    Track your performance anywhere and anytime
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    you to convert faster

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  • Access to IndexTradesSocial network
  • Social Feed
  • $10,000 Demo Account
  • Fast KYC
  • Native on web and mobile
  • Automated verification powered by Onfido
  • Verification in less than 3 minutes
  • Approval
  • Full access to social network
  • Various payment methods
  • Unique Incentive programme with IndexTradesAchievements
  • Multiple trading accounts in multiple currencies
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    The strongest offer on the market

    Other Neobrokers
    Multi-Asset offering
    Real Stocks for €0.99
    Personal Social Newsfeed
    Copy trading
    IBAN Account & VISA Card
    NFT Platform
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    Earn from your social media traffic

    Case Study. Flo Pharell
    Flo Pharell
    Youtuber & Instagramer with +100,000 reach
    Initiated his own “community account” at IndexTrades
    Discusses trading ideas on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube
    Shares regular updates on the IndexTradesFeed
    Brought over 3,000 users within 21 days to IndexTrades
    Manages $10,000,000 in copy funds
    Gained 700 copiers on each trade
    Earned close to $15,000 in his first month only from copy fee income

    How it works

    Audience build-up & lead gen on Youtube
    Youtube pays $18 per 1000 views
    Monetization on IndexTrades
    IndexTradespaid Flo in his first month $10,000 which equals 555,555 views
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    Educational Videos, Articles and News

    Learn how to trade and up your game with our educational content inside the platform and on our social media accounts. We produce and compile our educational content to help you improve your trading skills and be more confident in what you do. Register a free account and dive into our free trading education now!
    Create an account — It’s free
    ⏳ Digital account opening within minutes

    What you can get as Introducing

    Broker or Affiliate?

    Are you an influencer, trader, educator, money manager, website owner, blogger or a publisher?
    Revenue share up to 60%
    Earn at every stage of your referral journey with the highest spread revenue share, rebates and CPA structures.
    High lot rebates
    Benefit from the highest lot rebates with IndexTradesPartners and enjoy the industry`s leading benefits from the commissions we offer.
    Industry-Leading Commissions
    Get lifetime commissions tailored to your specific needs without any limits.
    Real-time tracking of your performance
    Track performance of your network and earned commissions with IndexTradesPartners Dashboard.
    Weekly payouts in Fiat and Crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH)
    Your payouts, your choice. Get paid whenever and however you feel like, weekly and instantly!
    High conversion and retention rates
    Due to our unique offering combining social trading, payments and crypto, we provide higher conversion.
    Personal Partnership manager
    with the option to customize commissions, offering and product feature requests
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    Wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods
    in FIAT & Crypto
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    Becoming a IndexTradesPartner is accessible to almost anybody who has a social media account
    18 Nov 2021
    IndexTradesas life-changing income stream partner
    With IndexTradesPartners, you have a great opportunity to make an impact by helping new investors, and in turn, providing yourself with additional income!
    18 Nov 2021
    How to generate more leads as IndexTradesPartner
    In order to increase the number of your leads, we have prepared a few effective instruments you can benefit from...

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