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IndexTradesoffers a multi-asset investing app with an inbuilt social network, allowing everyone to trade the global financial markets, invest in digital currencies, and send money using their own personal IndexTradescard and payments account.
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Our Vision

IndexTradeswas founded in 2015 with a vision to build the world's most powerful app for finance. Today, IndexTradesis a global community of more than 1 million registered users who share their investments, get copied on their strategies, and drive millions of transactions on the platform. IndexTradesis a publicly listed company, regulated in various jurisdictions with offices around the globe.

All-in-one platform

Trade all of the most popular assets in one place. Benefit from professional tools, easy-to-use interface, and superb support.

Multiplatform IndexTradesTrader

The proprietary platform that gives you all the power of MT4 and MT5 in an easier and more accessible interface.
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Advanced Trading Tools

Easy-to use-interface is topped up with advanced charting tools for the best trading experience.
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Crypto Trading with 0% commissions

No commissions* on crypto trading. Enjoy low trading fees and competitive spreads
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Discover Copy-Trading

IndexTradesAutocopy is an innovative feature that lets you automatically copy leading IndexTradestraders.
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Fully Regulated Broker

IndexTradesMarkets Europe Ltd. is a trusted broker, licensed by EU financial regulators.
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Free Trading Education

Ebooks and Online Webinars where you can learn how to start trading or improve your trading skills.
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Professional Support Team

Receive instant assistance from our multilingual support team. They are available via phone, chat or email.
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Meet The IndexTradesTeam

Benjamin Bilski
Group Founder & CEO
Michael Milonas
CEO IndexTradesMarkets
Andreas Luecke
Director IndexTradesAG. Head of Legal

The IndexTradesStory

In just a few years, we were able to develop a leading social investing network with over 1,000,000 accounts, top trading tools and constant product enrichment to provide the greatest user experience on the market.
Scroll through our story and discover what we have been up to.
IndexTradesis founded
Y. Qureshi and B. Bilski are establishing IndexTradeswith an aim to provide the most efficient and user-friendly social trading network for beginners and trading pros.
Launching IndexTradesFeed & Autocopy
The team releases IndexTradesFeed, a central hub for traders to share their trading experience and strategies, alongside Autocopy – a tool any trader can use to copy successful trades of other traders in a few clicks.
Introducing IndexTradesWallet & Bitcoin-based Investing accounts
IndexTradeslaunches its own cryptocurrency wallet allowing any user to purchase major cryptocurrencies and store any ERC-20 tokens. Bitcoin-based trading accounts with BTC trading rewards are also introduced for all users.
IPO@ Frankfurt Stock Exchange
IndexTradesGroup AG sees the most successful IPO in Germany along with the IndexTradesstock (N4G) listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and reaching a 260% ROI from listing price.
IndexTrades’s native digital asset exchange is deployed for beta testing with 0% trading fees. IndexTradesExchange offers fiat and major crypto pairs, 8-tier fee model, and supports more than 10 million transactions per second.
2019 Q3
Autocopy V2
The second version of IndexTradesAutocopy allows users to copy traders at IndexTradesor get copied by other users themselves and introduces various technical upgrades such as an increased order execution speed, larger autocopier’s quantity support, and more.
2019 Q4
Web Trader and Mobile Apps V2
Upgraded version of IndexTrades's Web App and revamped iOS & Android applications have been released with a focus on streamlined trading experience and improved functionality.

Our Mission

Innovation is in our DNA.
We aim to continuously refine our services to cater for the needs of traders. Whether it is increasing our asset offering to include the latest tradeable assets or adding a new social feature to our platform — we will never stop innovating.
We constantly set out new goals and challenges to develop and expand and our network of products.
When First-Class Values Match the Passion for Success
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